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Warren G Lewis, Ph.D.



Assistant Professor

Dept of Ob/Gyn and Reproductive Sciences

Glycobiology Research and Training Center

University of California San Diego

I apply biochemistry, chemical biology and systems biology to characterize biological systems, examine biochemical and cellular mechanisms, and to develop proof-of-concept experimental therapeutics. I have contributed to several areas of biomedical science:

State University of New York at Buffalo


Bachelor's of Science in Biochemistry

The Scripps Research Institute


Ph.D. in Chemistry

Genomics Institute of the Novartis Foundation



Positions & Scientific Appointments

2020-               Assistant Professor, University of California, San Diego

2009-2020       Scientist, Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine

2008-2009      Research Scientist, Ambit Biosciences                                                        



2017                            Second R01 from NIAID as PI

2014-2019                   New Investigator on R01 Grant from NIAID  

2013                            Burroughs-Wellcome award Co-Investigator

2011                             Barnes-Jewish-Children’s pilot award as Co-PI       

2002-2005                 Skaggs Predoctoral Fellow

1998-1999                   Fulbright Scholar

1998                            State University of New York Chancellor’s Award

1996-1998                   Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Scholar  

1996                            Grace W. Capen Award for Academic Achievement

1994-1997                   Dean’s List

Current Funding

NIH R01 Al127554 

Lewis, W (PI)

06/07/2017-05/31/2023 (NCE)                                                                     

Glycogen in Bacterial Vaginosis & How Carbohydrates Shape the Vaginal Microbiome


NIH R01Al114635 

Lewis, W (Multi-PI) & Lewis, A (Contact PI)


Roles of sialidase in G. vaginalis-host interactions during bacterial vaginosis

NIH R01Al389671

Freiboes (Contact PI) & Lewis, A (MPI), Role: Co-Investigator                     


Understanding the Host-Microbiome-Therapeutic Triad: Implications for Designing Alternative Intravaginal Delivery Platforms to Treat Bacterial Vaginosis


1012547.01 (Burroughs Wellcome Fund)

Lewis, A (PI), Role: Co-Investigator                                                  

07/01/2020-03/31/2023 (NCE)                      

Mucus Barrier Degradation in Bacterial Vaginosis-associated Preterm Birth

NIH R01AI160247

Ram (PI), Role: Co-Investigator                                


Sialic Acid Analogs against Multidrug-Resistant Gonorrhea

NIH R01AI168475

Freiboes (Contact PI) and Lewis (MPI), Role: Co-Investigator        

Long-Acting 3D Printed Scaffolds for Treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis


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