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Amanda Lewis, Ph.D.

My lab is interested in the roles played by bacteria during colonization and pathogenesis of the female genital and urinary tracts. We build novel model systems to understand how bacteria thrive and co-exist within these varied niches and how such interactions influence states of health and disease in animal and human hosts. We also investigate the roles played by complex carbohydrates of the host and bacteria, as well as enzymes that degrade them during bacterial colonization and infection.


    Positions & Scientific Appointments

    2022-              Co-Director, Glycobiology Research and Training Center, UC San Diego

    2020-              Professor of Ob/Gyn and Reproductive Sciences, University of California San Diego

    2020-2022      Associate Director, Glycobiology Research and Training Center, UC San Diego

    2018-2020       Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Wash U

    2018-2020       Associate Professor of Molecular Microbiology, Washington University in St. Louis

    2011-2018         Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Wash U

    2009-2018       Assistant Professor of Molecular Microbiology, Washington University in St. Louis

    2004                Instructor of Microbiology, Academic Connections Program, University of CA, San Diego.

    2000                Research Intern, Iowa State University, Program for Women in Science and Engineering

    2000- 2001      Tutor of Biology, Supplemental Instruction Program, Cal State Polytechnic University

    2000                Research Assistant, California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, CA



    2021                  Session Chair: Glycobiology Special Interest Group, Experimental Biology 2021

    2020-present  Scientific Advisory Board Member: GlycoNet (Canadian Glycomics Network)

    2018                  Organizer and Session Chair: FASEB summer conference on Microbial Glycobiology

    2017                   Keynote Lecture, ASM Conference: The Biology of Vibrios

    2016                   Session Chair, 2016 FASEB meeting on Microbial Glycobiology

    2016                   Keynote Lecture, Giannini Foundation annual retreat

    2015                   Distinguished Investigator Award, Washington University School of Medicine

    2015                   Keynote Lecture, Infectious Diseases Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology annual meeting

    2015                   Keynote Lecture, Univ. of W. Ontario Dept of Microbiology & Immunology Inaugural Retreat

    2014                   Elected to the Society for Reproductive Investigation

    2013                   Session Chair, International Symposium on Glycoconjugates annual meeting. Dalian, China

    2013                   Young Glycoscientist Award, International Glycoconjugate Organization

    2011- 2013           Basil O’Connor Research Scholar Award, March of Dimes

    2011                    Bridging Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women’s Health Scholar NIH-K12, declined

    2007- 2009       University of California President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship

    2006- 2007       A.P. Giannini Family Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship

    2006                  Martin D. Kamen Prize for the most outstanding dissertation in biochemistry at UCSD

    2005                  Association for Women in Science (AWIS) Scholarship, San Diego Chapter

    2005- 2006       Ruth L. Kirschstein (predoctoral) National Research Service Award

    2002                  National Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship - Honorable Mention

    2000                  Waterbury Scholarship, Cal State Polytechnic University

    1999                   Hatfield Memorial Award, Cal State Polytechnic University

    1996- 2000        Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship, State of CA

    1996- 2001         Brandt Scholarship, Brandt Scholarship Foundation

    1996- 1999         Joe Harper Memorial Scholarship, State of CA

    1996                   Andrews Scholarship, Cal Poly State University


    Grant Review and related Activities

    2021               Ad Hoc Reviewer, NIH Scientific review group ZRG1 IDIA-W (80) S

                           Topics in Bacteriology

    2018, 2021      Ad Hoc Reviewer, NIH Scientific Review Group ZRG1 IDM-R (02) 

                          Clinical Research and Field Studies of Infectious Diseases (CRFS)

    2018               Ad Hoc Reviewer, NIH Scientific Review Group ZRG1 DKUS-R 90

                          Digestive, Kidney and Urological Systems (DKUS)

    2017               Served as an Expert on Bacterial Vaginosis for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

    2017               Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Grant Reviewer

    2017               NIH Special Emphasis Review Panel, Scientific Review Group 2016/05 ZRG1 BCMB-W (02)

                          Biological Chemistry and Macromolecular Biophysics

    2016               The Wellcome Trust/ DBT India Alliance Grant Reviewer

    2015/2016      Society for Reproductive Investigation, Scientific Review Panel (abstract review)

    2014               Expert Opponent, Dissertation Defense, Department of Chemistry The Arctic University of Norway

    2013               NIH Special Emphasis Review Panel ZNR REV-T (16) RFA-NR-13-002 

    Current Funding



    Lewis, A (Contact PI) and Lewis, W (Multi-PI)


    Roles of Sialidase in G. vaginalis-Host interactions during Bacterial Vaginosis


    1012547.01 (Burroughs Wellcome Fund)

    Lewis, A (PI)                                                  


    Mucus Barrier Degradation in Bacterial Vaginosis-associated Preterm Birth




    Ram (PI), Role: Consortium PI                                  


    Sialic Acid Analogs against Multidrug-Resistant Gonorrhea




    Lewis, A (Multi-PI with Freiboes)    


    Understanding the Host-Microbiome-Therapeutic Triad: Implications for Designing Alternative Intravaginal Delivery Platforms to Treat Bacterial Vaginosis




    Lewis, A (Multi-PI with Freiboes)   

    04/2022 – 03/2027

    Long-Acting 3D Printed Scaffolds for Treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis

    R21 AI152049                                                      


    Lewis, A (Contact PI, Gilbert, N MPI)

    4/1/2020 – 3/31/2023

    Roles of vaginal bacteria in bladder exfoliation and recurrent UTI


    University of California Multi-Campus Research Initiative

    Lewis, A (contact PI) Co-PIs Fisher, S. (UCSF) and Lebrilla, C (UC Davis)


    The University of California Glycosciences Consortium for Women's Health

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